Our accreditations

At Wilbee & Son we work together with Clive Emson™ to auction your property. Clive Emson™ auctioneers have been selling land and properties for more than 25 years, achieving a wide range of accreditations along the way. These include:

The Property Ombudsman™ - The National Association of Estate Agents™ - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors™ - ISO 9001 Registered Firm™ - National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers™ - Investors in People™

Our marketing

Each selection of properties entered into the Clive Emson™ auctions are able to be accessed via a large number of property websites, including the Clive

Emson™ auctions website.

We are the only land & property auctioneers to publish a full colour catalogue, in it's entirety, in the Estates Gazette.


Each selection of properties entered into the Clive Emson™ auctions are able to be accessed via a large number of property websites, including the Clive Emson™ auctions website.

Clive Emson™are the only land and property auctioneers to publish a full color catalogue in the Estates Gazette. The decision to enter a property into the auction catalogue is at the discretion of Regional Property Services Ltd™ (t/a Clive Emson™ Land and Property Auctioneers) and Regional Property Services Ltd™ alone.

Property benefits

The main benefit of the Clive Emson™ auction service is that your property reaches a wider audience, which helps you to achieve the price you want for your home. If you require any help consultants are there to assist you and guide you through the process.

clive emson team

Contact Wilbee & Son or the Clive Emson™ auctioneers to find out more about our property auction services.